Green Music France


We are more than happy to annouce that there will be a Green Music France.
It will be initiated and run by our friends Bruno Rebelle and Marie Roche in Paris.

I met Bruno for the first time at the European Climate Forum’s annual meeting in Barcelona.
There we talked about ways to help the french music and entertainment industry to green their operations and run their businesses more sustainable. Bruno Rebelle used to be director of Greenpeace France and Greenpeace International. Beside being a smart thinker, amazing strategist and overall inspiring person Bruno is super connected in the Sustainability Community in France.  If you can read French, have a look at his Blog http://www.brunorebelle.fr.  This year he started his own consultancy Transitions. And from there things evolved quickly.

Some weeks later Bruno brought Marie in, who has a background in the music industry while working for different labels like Naive and running the managment of French Disco Übergodfather Cerrone. Together with GMI’s own Lucile Barras they worked out a launch strategy for France. Lucile with her knowing of the French language will be the lead from the Berlin side…

Green Music France will launch late autumn with a Green Music Dinner in Paris. Right now they are reaching out to numerous stakeholders in the French Music and Entertainment Industry to get them on board. The reactions are very good. If you want to be part from the first steps in France, do not hesitate to get in contact with Marie or Lucile.

We at GMI in Berlin are looking forward to this pan European French-German cooperation and can’t wait to see, how the Green Music idea works out in France.  Allez le bleus!

Jacob Bilabel / Founder GMI

Interesting Interview with Bruno: