Green Music Dinner Hamburg


The second Green Music Dinner took place successfully in Hamburg on 22 September 2010.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Adjustments need to be made in all areas of life. Through exemplary actions, relevant actors can function as role models for the implementation of vital climate-protection measures. The music and entertainment industry has a unique opportunity – though positive examples and practical solutions – to guide society towards a more climate-friendly future.

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First experiences show that the music industry can also benefit from this itself. On the eve of the Reeperbahn Festival, 100 selected high-ranking representatives from music, science, politics, environmental associations and media discussed how innovative approaches in the music industry can lead to concrete results in the reduction of carbon emissions, what potential such a strategy has and how it can be implemented.

The Green Music Dinner companion gives you full details of those in attendance and a brief insight to their current roles and some of the projects they are working on:

A keynote speech and input statements accompanied the vegetarian gourmet dinner and offered a variety of topics for rich and lively discussions.

Welcome address by

  • John Whitehead | Director British Council Germany

Contributions by

  • Jacob Bilabel | Green Music Initiative | Germany
  • Finja Goetz | Melt! Festival | Germany
  • Catherine Langabeer | Julie’s Bicycle | UK
  • Prof. Dr. Fritz Reusswig | Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research | Germany
  • Linnéa E. Svensson | Øya Festival | Norway

At Green Music Initiative events, interesting representatives from the music sector meet and discuss the role of the culture and entertainment branch with regards to climate change and sustainability. We interview them and ask each one the 4 same questions. View their statements in the Voices videos:

Green Music Dinner Statements

Read the article by Musikmarkt which captures some of the significant points from presentations on the night.

The Green Music Dinner was made possible by the generous help of its partners:

  • Hamburg – European Green Capital 2011 (Link)
  • Hamburg  Marketing (Link)
  • Reeperbahn Festival (Link)
  • British Council Germany (Link)
  • Goethe Institut (Link)
  • Ferryhouse Productions ( Link )
  • QTom – your music rules (Link)
  • WBN Hamburg (Link)
  • Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion (Link)
  • Creative City Challenge ( Link )
  • Rolling Stone Magazine (Link)
  • Columbus Challenge (Link)
  • Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg (Link)
  • Von Stern’sche Druckerei (Link)
  • Hi-Life (Link)