EE MUSIC Europe Awards 2015


EE MUSIC – The European Initiative for Scaling Up Energy Efficiency in the Music Event Industry, is a project active in 27 countries with the aim to establish an efficient and sustainable energy music culture in Europe. EE MUSIC is financially supported by the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme of the European Commission. EE MUSIC workshops and training events share skills on energy management for the industry for many affected groups: promoters, production professionals and energy consultants, as well as venue owners and operators.

In order to recognize and celebrate leading efforts and accomplishments by music clubs/venues, organisers of events, festivals and other initiatives across Europe, EE MUSIC presents the EE MUSIC EUROPE AWARDS 2015.

The EE MUSIC Team understands the challenges and opportunities in managing energy and energy related options in the planning and production of music events and running of music venues. We also believe in the importance of engaging the public and our audiences in our efforts and raising awareness of broader issues around energy use, energy efficiency, and climate change, encouraging them to participate and become part of the same journey. This is why the EE MUSIC Europe Awards 2015 will recognise achievements in 3 different categories:

The 3 Award categories are:

  • Best energy savings Festival “EE MUSIC STAR FESTIVAL”
  • Best energy savings Club/Venue “EE MUSIC STAR CLUB/VENUE”
  • Best Engagement/Communication Campaign “EE MUSIC STAR CAMPAIGNER”

The winners will be announced at the EE MUSIC Europe Awards in Barcelona on the 10 December, 2015.The event will take place at the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, and the awards ceremony will be followed by a networking dinner and party to celebrate energy efficient music culture.

Event organizer:

  • Antonio Cañas (CEO Greenize, Spain)


  • Katrina Sichel (Communications Director, Moderator and Presenter, Belgium)

Keynote speakers:

  • Jacob Bilabel (Founder of Green Music Initiative, Germany)
  • Alison Tickell (Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle, UK)
  • Martha Bissmann (Senior Project Manager at WIP Renewable Energies and EE MUSIC Coordinator, Germany)
  • Zoe Wildiers (Project Advisor, European Commission, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Brussels)

Detailed event programme: to be confirmed

Let’s get together and celebrate Europe’s energy efficient music culture in all its shapes, sizes, and interpretations!

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/ee-music-europe-awards-registration-19363392428

More Infos: http://ee-music.eu/EE-MUSIC-Europe-Awards