Ready to start a Revolution at ADE Green 2017?


ADE Green 2017
Meaningful Solutions for the future
18. October 2017 / 10 pm – 6 am
Amsterdam Dance Event / DeLaMar Theater

After ADE Green’s recent announcement about ‘‘Art For Social Change’ being this year’s main theme, we received a few questions such as ‚what does social change have to do with ecology and wasn’t this conference about sustainability?‘ Yes. And it still is. But if you really want to make a change, you need people who are willing to fight to make what they believe in happen. For this year’s conference, ADE Green looked for individuals who inspire others by showing how incredible artists and thinkers from all over the world dedicate their lives to a bigger cause in order to ignite and strengthen sustainability, innovation  and social change. We believe in the potential of individuals and their dreams and ideals, regardless of whether you are a superstar, a passionate activist or just taking care of business.

At ADE Green- the pioneering conference on sustainability, innovation and social change we will feature great speakers, panels and workshops. Throughout the day, we will try to inspire and answer questions linked with with one (or all) of our themes.

Designing Out Waste: How To Become A Circular Festival
This panel will offer and discuss solutions for  identifying and redesigning materials to fit the needs of festival producers while also transitioning to a genuinely ‘circular’ festival

Future Festivals: Redesigning Stages
Here we will discuss the ways that  stages are designed and developed, examining the materials we use, and how we can enhance the function of the stage.

The Plastic Panel
In  this  panel  you ‘ll see new ways of dealing  with  (single- use)  plastic  at your event.

How can you successfully communicate about climate action and engage new audiences?
Get key insights from experiences across the performing arts that demonstrates how to better engage and mobilise people around climate change.

How to implement a Smart Power Plan
After this workshop you’ll understand both the basics of energy efficiency and the more advanced aspects, the ones that make the difference between creating a regular and a Smart Power Plan. Register for this workshop here: http://bit.ly/WorkshopADEgreen

Sustainability In A Nutshell
An overview of sustainable event management, touching on a broad range of topics including policy, power, procurement, waste management, water use, traffic and transport, external reach and behavioural change.

Climate Change – The Giant Awakening
A lecture by professor Chris Rapley, climate scientist at University College London.

Shaking things up; how to serve a green drink by the internationally awarded team from Mr Lyan UK
Join us for a dose of inspiration from Maja Jaworska and James Wheeler from the Mr Lyan group. They’ll be expounding on their philosophy of sustainable practices within the drinks industry. Expect great insights, a lot of fun and, of course, some tasting!

PechaKucha | Festivals Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future
In  this  PechaKucha-style panel, we present five innovations from around the world that we believe will define the next festival season.

Can Festivals Help And Improve Humanitarian Aid?
Duncan Stutterheim , founder of ID&T and Juriaan Lahr, head of international operations at The Netherlands Red Cross, will discuss how we can usefully test future innovations at a festival and what it might lead to.

Unlocking Engagement: How Experience Fuels Engagement
This panel will discuss two initiatives, 10,000 HOURS and ECO coin, both of which have successfully engaged the audience of various festivals to make a difference when it comes to social and sustainable change and to find creative ways to help people participate.

Art For Social Change | How Do You Start A Revolution?
One on one interview with Nadya Tolokonikova from Pussy Riot

Defiant On The Dance Floor: How Nightlife Empowered the LGBTQ+ Community
In this panel, we discuss the importance of nightlife when it comes to establishing equality, and how clubs not only functions as a safe place to be yourself and share that feeling with kindred spirits, but also as a creative breeding ground for modern day pop culture.

The origin of gatherings; why we do what we do
Why do we feel the urge to come together and celebrate? In this panel we’ll talk with some of the worlds’ most revolutionary festival organisers about the deeper reasons behind what they do.

Pussy Versus Putin: Documentary Film by Gogol’s Wives
In addition to the live interview with Nadya later in the day, we will also screen the documentary ‘Pussy vs Putin’ in which each step of the feminist punk band’s battle against Putin is portrayed.

Please have a look at the amazing full programme here.

Looking forward to starting a revolution with you at this year’s ADE Green
Jacob Bilabel
Green Music Initiative

ADE Green will take place on October 18th in the DeLaMar Theater. Tickets for ADE Green (35,-) are available here. The event is also accessible for ADE Pass & ADE Conference Pass holders. ADE Green is presented by Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and Absolut (official partner ADE), and supported by our many program partners and ambassadors

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