8th GO Group Workshop Festival and Event Sustainability | 1 & 2 April 2019


8th international GO Group workshop
1 & 2 April 2019 / Prague

We are looking forward to meeting you, because we want to talk about today and tomorrow. Let‘s discuss how we run our operations smarter and how we treat the environment and ourselves more responsible and more sustainable. Like no other institution our pan-european think-tank brought together hundreds of festivals, scientists, initiatives and suppliers involved in festival and event organisation to foster exchange on an international basis. Time for the next chapter:
We are happy to once again present our interactive, open and communicative format known as the „GO Group workshop“ with international guests from all over Europe.

It’s time for the 8th international GO Group workshop in Prague.

We kindly invite you to this 2-day seminar on April 1 and 2 2019 in the heart of the czech capital at Skautsky Institute (Prague Creative Center) on Old Town Square. The workshop is kindly hosted by Nouvelle Prague & SoundCzech.
The 8th GO Group workshop for sustainable festivals and events will focus on these two topics: „Festivals of the future – innovation & mindset“ (day 1) and „Work, Life & Us“ (day 2).

We have arranged an exciting mix of presentations, case studies, talks, creative workshops, roundtable discussions and networking events on both days. We are looking forward to speakers from major events and initiatives as well as innovative experts.

Yes, this will be amazing!
All the best & see you all in Prague,
Holger Jan Schmidt, Jacob Bilabel & Marton Naray

GO Group speakers:

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Day 1, Mon 1 April 2019, 10h – 18h 
(incl. lunch & Coffee Break)

Main topic: „Festivals of the future – innovation & mindset“
Making a huge impact with a low impact on the planet: this is how the future is being built. To do so you need knowledge, technology and the will to experiment and step on new paths. We will shine a light on the progress of smart systems, modules and solutions. We will hear about several projects concerning different production areas and work on a future-fit mindset to create ideas and measures to be implemented at the festivals and events of the future.

Including sessions:
„Here we GO! Czech it out!“
The grand opening of the 8th international GO Group workshop etting the tone fort he upcoming days. We’ll be catching up on what happened lately and what‘s up next. A first round-up to get to know each other and getting ready to dive into action.

  • Jacob Bilabel | Green Music Initiative & Good Life Academy, DE
  • Márton Náray | Nouvelle Prague / Sound Czech, CZ
  • Holger Jan Schmidt | GO Group, Yourope, DE

 „Into the future with arts and events“ keynote

„Rethink ressources“ – innovation & mindset
Can we go on like do right now or do we have to develop a new mindset? How do we procure and consume? What do we eat and offer? What is waste and what is not? We will take our time do follow the ideas of today fort he events of tomorrow.

  • Bea Gabor | MaiNoi & Music Drives Change (f.e. Electric Castle Festival), ROM
  • Chris Johnson | Shambala Festival & Powerful Thinking, UK

 „The energy revolution“ – innovation & mindset
Do we really need more more more? The audience want brighter and crazier lightshows.he artists demand LED screens as far as the eye can see. The safety guys demand the best backup systems available. Let‘s create the most efficient sources with the least emissions produced to meet those needs and power the events of the future. We will talk about needs, plans and developments. Nothing more or less than a change of the indistry‘s energy philosophy.

  • Stefano Barberis| RINA & Hydrogen Everywh2ere Project, IT
  • Michal Kaščák & Michal Sládek | Pohoda Festival, SLK
  • Mark Schoots | Recreatie Noord Holland (f.e. Mysteryland & Indian Summer Festival), NL
  • Juliusz Kowaczyk | Fota4Climate, PL

 Let It Roll – Festival case study
Let‘s hear it from the czech major event and world’s biggest Drum’n’Bass festival, Let It Roll. While the brand after 15 years is spread from its czech home all through the world the organizers crank up their effords i running the systm more and more sustainable. Let’s hear about this exciting journey.

  • Veronika Jirků | Let It Roll Festival, CZ

Building an emerging future – creative 3D mapping group workshop

This workshop is based on the work of system scientists Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge and at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their Theory U process at the Presencing Insitute aims at helping systems, societies and people to emerge a better future.

The 3D Mapping is a tool we use to bring multiple dimensions and perspectives to seeing and understanding the elements of the system together (co-sensing). During this physical mapping process, the teams will create one—or several, depending on groups size—3D model(s) of the current reality and of the future that they are trying to collaboratively co-create.

  • Jacob Bilabel | Green Music Initiative & Good Life Academy, DE


20h – The GO Group Dinner
The official workshop networking dinner is the secret star of the event. We will meet at a unique place with a special philosophy. Let’s follow up the day’s hot topics, get to know eachother more, start a friendship… everything can happen here!

The dinner is kindly hosted by Yourope (the European Festival Association)

Day 2, Tue 2 April 2019, 9h – 17h     incl. Coffee Break & lunch

Main topic: „Work, Life & Us“
While we make incredible efforts to professionalize and improve our events on various levels such as safety and sustainability and please our customers and fans, so much so that we are very likely to forget ourselves on this journey. We continue talking about this – because there are too many issues that are icredibly important for every one personally as well as for our (working) relationships and our events as well. That‘s why this session is devoted to us. A full day about experiences, expectations and awareness. Let‘s learn about new, smart and contemporary approaches on working conditions, accessibility, motivation and appreciation.

Including sessions:
A calm introduction into the second day shedding some light into the weird myths of mindfulness, self optimisation and a good life in general.

  • Jacob Bilabel | Green Music Initiative & Good Life Academy, DE

 „Stress – your worst best friend“
How does stress arise? Which functions do physical stress reactions fulfill and what are the negative consequences of permanent stress? Why is the same situation sometimes stressful and sometimes exciting or even enjoyable? This will be scientifically based input, prepared from practical examples from our world and with exercises for self-reflection and exchange between the participants.

  • Prof. Dr. Katja Mierke | Fresenius University of applied science DE

 „If what you love most is in your way“
This is about those times when we struggle doing what we love the most. Dealing with and working in music and events. This is a personal conversation among friends about experiences, challenges and achievements that will open up to the whole group.

  • Svenja Klemp | Music manager & Photographer, DE
  • Holger Jan Schmidt | GO Group, Yourope, DE

 „Could authenticity be our superpower?“
How about enhancing your overall creativity by discovering your authentic code? If creativity is a forever moving pattern, then why are we constantly stepping on the breaks? Because of worry, criticism, fear and shame. And how do we break their spell? Through curiosity, authenticity and vulnerability. Becoming more authentic essentially means to become human again. Scary, right? But fundamental to good mental health and captivating work. Let’s find out…

  • Katrin Hahner | Artist, DE

Good Life Academy’s Ni9ht H3lps workshop.

We want to devote ourselves to ourselves. We want to listen to our stories of mental health, anxiety, purpose and recovery. We want to learn together about new and old, smart and digital, analog and contemporary approaches on working conditions, accessibility, motivation and appreciation. We want to listen, talk and learn to save our lives. Ni9ht H3lps workshops taking place all over Europe consist of a personal story, an understanding of a potential remedy and an oath to yourself. They are open to everybody daring enough to start a conversation on some elephants in the room. We want to learn to ask for help. Join us.

  • Lina Ugrinovska| Password Production & Taksirat Festival, MKD
  • Jacob Bilabel | Good Life Academy, DE

More to be added soon

Practical information
All info online:  Please follow this link

Kindly co-hosted by:
Nouvelle Prague & SoundCzech (Thank you very much!)

Mon 1 April 2019, 09:30h – Tue 2 April 2018, 17h
Get-together & warm-up: Sun 31 March, 19.00h


Skautsky Institute / Prague Creative Center
Old Town Square 4/1, 110 00 Prague

Hotels close to venue:
Astoria Hotel Prague           Hotel U Zlatého Jelena
Rybná 680/10                       Celetná 598/11
110 00 Staré Město             110 00 Staré Město
(500m to venue)                  (200m to venue)

Hotel Dar                              Motel One Prague
Kožná 12                               Na Poříčí 1048/30
110 00 Staré Město             110 00 Praha 1-Florenc-Florenc
(200m to venue)                  (1200m to venue)

200,00€ regular fee incl. all fees and lunch on both days.
YOUROPE & FESTAS members rate: 150,00€ special rate incl. all fees and lunch on both days
When financial ressources are an issue for you but you want to join us, please get in contact with us regarding support / helping roles at the workshop.

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For further workshop info please contact
Holger Jan Schmidt (+49-(0)228-20 70 80 4)